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Site updates and management

From routine updates to regular site reviews our team will help you keep your site fresh.


Site updates and management

Our team is your team.

Some companies give you a number to call. We'll give you a team.

Enjoy our mixed-model approach to managing your site and choose which updates you make, and which we make for you. And because we’re here 24 hours, 7 days of the week you can be confident that no matter what happens, your site will always be up to date and ready for anything.

All of our website and app clients benefit from having a designated digital communications manager to help them manage their site or app, and we pride ourselves on having a named account manager assigned to every one of our clients no matter how big or small.

Our team will work with you to proactively plan key events such as results day so you can be confident that everything will go smoothly.

But managing your site isn’t just about routine updates. You need to make sure it’s constantly evolving so that your brand continues to stand out, and your audience stays happy.

Our team will analyse how your site’s being used, and who’s using it. Helping you to weed out pages that are underperforming and focusing resources on areas that need improvement. Of course they’ll also keep you up to date with evolving best practices and the latest technologies.

Advice and consulting

Our expert team will help you optimise your digital channels so you can communicate more effectively.


Advice and consulting

Tap into our digital experience

Managing over 700 corporate websites gives us unique insight into your corporate audience.

Our team will help you to communicate more effectively across your digital channels combining their extensive experience with our on-going research and unique audience insight. From understanding how your investors are using your site to what NGO’s and regulators actually look at, this unique insight into your corporate audience means you can focus your resources to connect with the people that matter.

We provide a broad range of consultancy services from requirements gathering and site planning to detailed content strategy and technology assessments. We’re helping clients to take a broader view of their digital channels making sure that corporate and business unit sites are working in harmony with social channels and apps, plotting the role each has in the increasingly complex mix of owned, paid and earned media.

Of course all of our clients benefit from our on-going advisory programmes to improve their digital communications keeping them up to date with the latest do and don’t trends and opportunities. We regularly publish research on a broad range of digital communication topics and you’ll regularly bump into us talking at events.


Audience Insight

Identify, monitor and understand your audience with a unique combination of 'traditional' web analytics, social monitoring and organisational corporate audience intelligence. Always available through myInvestis and our new App you'll always have the latest stats and insight so you can monitor the impact of news, anticipate activism and actively manage your reputation.

Audience Intelligence

From customers to investors, journalists and regulators see who is looking at your website. No longer just anonymous visitors see which real-world organisations are interested in you – what they're reading, and what they're searching for.  Our unique database of more than 250,000 organisations provides invaluable insights for marketers, investor teams, corporate communicators – everyone in your organisation that want to know who's interested in you, and what you're saying.

Web and app analytics

Everyone likes to monitor how much their website and other digital channels are used. We combine traditional analytics with benchmarks against similar sized companies, and built-in tracking of traffic patterns against share price data and news publication to give deeper insight into how the real world and digital world collide.

News and social monitoring

Be the first to hear the good or bad that's been said about your organisation.  We monitor over 250,000 media outlets, forums, blogs and Twitter to see who's saying what about you, measure sentiment and identify influencers.  So if you want to clamp down on a malicious rumour or amplify the glory you can act and take control of your reputation.

Video and animation

Make the complex, simple.

From strategy to sustainability we’ll get your message across, connecting your audience with who you are, what you do and why you’re doing it.


Video and animation

Amplify your message.

From data-rich animation to people rich live action we’ll inform and influence your audience.


Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or are looking for a creative spark to start your video/film project, we can help. Our video production team don’t work to a set format so you can be confident that what they suggest is the best fit for your needs and budget.

From explaining your results to showing the benefits of your latest initiative, our creative team of directors, producers, animators and illustrators will work with you through every step of planning, creating and producing your film.

And with 60% of users opting to watch before reading you can be sure video is a good investment.

We could tell you how effective our films are. We could explain their ability to engage audiences and amplify messages. But we’d prefer it if you watch our showreel instead and see for yourself.


Make more of your report

Make more of your annual and sustainability reports by embedding their content into key sections of your website.



Increase readership.

Embedding your report’s content increases readership throughout the year.

As a public company you no doubt spend considerable time and effort creating your annual report. But if online you are only providing a PDF, or have invested in a report microsite, you are missing the digital opportunity.

Our research shows that annual report PDFs are read by only 2% of IR site visitors, with very little interest after their initial publication. But by embedding your report narrative into your site not only is readership significantly increased; investors return to access this key content throughout the year.

Of course the same is true for sustainability reports. In fact, we’re increasingly working with companies on digital-first sustainability reporting using video, animation and interactive features to engage their broad external audience from NGOs and regulators to communities and potential employees.

Embedding your report content has the added benefit that you can see exactly which organisations are interested in what you have to say through the myInvestis publication and insight portal.

So if you want to get more out of your annual report or sustainability report, start thinking about embedding it now.


Designed for scalability, security and performance allowing us to deliver the experience your audience expects and deserves



Hosted in the Cloud

We take Hosting along with the Security of our platform incredibly seriously.

Our platforms are hosted in Europe and the United States, using private cloud technology provided by Amazon Web Services.

The infrastructure is designed for scalability, security and performance allowing us to deliver the experience your audience expects and deserves, all backed up by our SLA.

Our platforms are monitored 24/7 internally and externally to ensure issues don’t turn into problems.

We deploy leading technology from Fireeye and Alert Logic to keep the bad guys out and let the good guys experience great global performance from the use of leading Content Delivery Networks.

Our dedicated system operations team are focussed on delivering what our customers expect so our hosting evolves continually to keep up with market changes and needs.



Approved and vetted to the highest standards.

Companies facing the highest levels of cyber security risk choose us because we pass the most rigorous vetting procedures.

We take IT and cyber security very seriously because we work with many of the world’s largest organisations. We see it as our responsibility to make sure we do everything possible to make our platform the safest place for our clients’ digital communications.

Our continuing long-term investment in cyber security technology, processes and employee education enables us to offer you many layers of security to keep your data safe and secure. Companies facing the highest levels of cyber security risk choose us to host their digital communications and we have been vetted and approved by their security specialists using rigorous supplier acceptance criteria.

We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited and we work with a market-leading cyber security organisations:

We partner with, FireEye and Alert Logic, two leading global security specialists, and take their service to monitor our company networks and hosting infrastructure respectively by their network and security operations centres 24/7/365. This means we can stop the attacks before they happen.

In the event of major security incident we have arrangements in place with PricewaterhouseCoopers to provide additional incident response management. This is a best in-class cyber security monitoring service: we’re in the safest possible hands.

We are also members of CISP, the UK government’s cyber security information sharing partnership. We thus take a lead in setting standards to make British businesses more secure against the cyber security threat, as well as gaining valuable insight into the latest threat intelligence through the CISP portal.

As you would expect we have extensive application, data and infrastructure security in place which is routinely reviewed by our own internal cyber security committee to ensure our approach to cyber security keeps pace with the ever-evolving threats.

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