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We deliver award-winning digital experiences for more than 2,000 clients around the world, focused on corporate, employee and customer audiences.

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Transforming your communications

We go far beyond delivering award-winning websites, internal communications and apps to create partnerships that put our expertise, technology and service firmly at the heart of your business. We’ll work with you to build strong and fruitful relationships with your audiences.

A multifunctional digital solution

The award-winning company website that serves all the business’s needs

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SEGRO is a leading UK real estate company and the developer, owner and asset manager of a large portfolio of warehouse and industrial properties across Europe.


Serving both its customers and its investors, showcasing the quality and depth of its properties and providing a richer corporate narrative.

A website was built for SEGRO that targets the needs of multiple audiences through innovative user experience and depth of content. SEGRO’s properties are found through advanced UX and search functionality along with detailed descriptions and content on properties. The IR audience is served by a full suite of tools and investor information. Meanwhile the company’s narrative has been better communicated through the Extraordinary Things section, illustrating the character of SEGRO’s properties by explaining the ways in which they are used.

SEGRO’s website was named Best Corporate Website in the FTSE 250 in the 2016 Corporate & Financial Awards.

The ability to attract superior talent

Using digital to develop a new way of talking to tomorrow’s talent


Rolls-Royce plc

Rolls-Royce plc

Rolls-Royce is a highly respected global company providing power and propulsion systems for aerospace, marine, energy and off-highway applications.

Click to watch the Rolls-Royce careers video

Connecting with young talent and seasoned professionals globally

Together, we created a new way of communicating with talent. We worked with Rolls-Royce’s recruiters and Human Resources team to understand what motivated job-seekers to join the company.

This insight was the foundation of a new and more inviting careers website that helped Rolls-Royce speak the talent’s language – their skills, their needs, their values.

We created seven country versions of the careers site designed for markets in Europe, Asia and North America. Each website has fully integrated job feeds from Rolls-Royce’s Taleo platform to create the right user experience for their employer brand.

Communicating your investment proposition

Serving the investor relations needs of a major global brand


BAE Systems plc

BAE Systems plc

BAE Systems is a global defence, aerospace and security company employing more than 84,000 people worldwide.

BAE Systems plc

Delivering world class investor relations to a global audience

We work with BAE Systems to ensure that their IR section is not just seamlessly integrated into the rest of their corporate website, but also managed, safeguarded and supported 24 hours a day. We also ensure their IR communications are as engaging as possible for investors and other stakeholders, including the IR app.

We have a very good working relationship with the team at Investis – they always respond quickly with our website and app requirements and can be trusted to deliver on time and within budget.

Thought leadership in transparency and reporting

Taking a digital-first approach to integrated reporting

Investors | Society



ArcelorMittal is one the world’s leading steel and mining companies, with 210,000 employees across 60 countries.


Setting a new benchmark in financial and operational reporting

A long-term Investis client, ArcelorMittal is always challenging us to provide the most forward-looking and effective digital communications for their corporate and investor audiences, notably around reporting.

We are delivering a three-year plan towards an integrated reporting approach, which aims to tie together sustainability and operational performance in an integrated way that many of the world’s largest companies are now adopting.

This is a big step forward for us in how we tell our stakeholders what we’re doing about our material issues.

Dr Alan Knight

General Manager for corporate responsibility commented

Best-in-class use of digital in M&A activity

Communicating the benefits of brand tie-up

Investors | media

Paddy Power Betfair

Paddy Power Betfair

Paddy Power is an international multi-channel betting and gaming group with a distinct presence across Europe. Betfair is an innovative online betting and gaming company and one of the largest online operators in the UK.

Paddy Power Betfair

Website for the merger of two of the UK’s biggest gambling companies

When the companies agreed to merge to create one of the world’s largest online gambling businesses, the companies needed a website to communicate critical merger information to the stakeholder groups of both businesses.

Given the timing, much of the branding for the new website was yet to be confirmed. We therefore created a site that balanced the existing brand colours, combined with imagery that emphasised the similarity of the sphere of operations for these two companies. The site also presents the business proposition and investment case well, elaborating on the market positions and context of each brand, including the B2C and B2B operations across the globe.

The Paddy Power Betfair merger website highlights strategic priorities and in-depth merger information. Given the media and stakeholder interest in the announcement, the site has an in-depth Media section supplemented with press releases, blogs, contact information and an image library.

Engaging your investor community

Digital delivery of ASOS’ capital markets day


ASOS plc

ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer, selling over 850 brands as well its own range of clothing and accessories to over 140 countries.

ASOS required support for their capital markets day, with live webcasting for their stakeholder audience and video for internal screens across their offices

Due to the size and technical requirements of the event, careful preparations were required ahead of the event. An advance inspection of venue was required to establish the technical specification and how the best positions from which to capture the event. All equipment was set up a day in advance of the capital markets day event to allow for full testing.

We also helped prepare ASOS’ corporate website for the event. Messaging was deployed to direct visitors to sign up to view the capital markets day webcast, with subscriber details and analytics captured by our Investis Live platform.

On the day, the event was streamed live over 4G. Viewers through the Investis Live platform logged in to a player that had been branded as per ASOS’ website where they were then able to view the event (which included a fashion show) as it happened with a separate view of the slides being presented. Further videos were made available during the event on ASOS’ YouTube channels to secure audience interest across multiple channels. Additional live feeds sent to TV screens around the venue.

Post-event, an on-demand version of the webcast was made available within 12 hours of the event, with alerts sent to all subscribers to its availability.

ASOS corporate website

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