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    KGHM is one of the world’s largest producers of copper and Silver. Based in Poland and with a wide investor base, the company works hard to provide the best possible investor relations information, accessible in the most convenient ways. To help achieve this, we worked with KGHM to create an IR app for Android and iOS.

    The app delivers the key features and information investors require when on the move. An up-to-date share price ticker displays at the bottom of the app which when swiped up reveals a full share graph, customisable to desired time periods. There is a results centre section hosting information from the latest quarter. A calendar of upcoming company events can be found easily from a pull-down menu on the home page of the app.

    To broaden the use of the app we also worked on more innovative features not always found on IR apps. This includes KGHM’s investor case, meaning the app can be used as a marketing tool to attract potential new investors. There is also a media library features videos from results days and company events. And on the home page, there is video interview from the CEO with the latest statement on company performance.

    So far the app has proved a great success for KGHM’s Investor Relations team. A broad internal marketing campaign has raised awareness of the app with over 2,800 of KGHM’s employees (of whom many are individual investors) alongside KGHM’s website visitors, dozens of fund managers, sell-side analysts and influencers. The company has received positive feedback via social media, email and anecdotal conversation.

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    Symrise AG

    To talk about an ingredient as magical as ‘vanilla’, made of 400 flavours and aroma compounds, you need a narrative that reflects its richness. Symrise AG – a global leader in fragrances, flavourings and ingredients – wanted a website that reflected how it sources this key ingredient and how this reflects not only its CR strategy, but also its business ethos.

    We took on the challenge of translating the company’s history and passion for this ‘queen of spices’ into an online experience, creating bespoke videos, infographics, illustrations and written copy. Together they immerse users in the world of vanilla at Symrise, taking them on a journey spanning the individual hand pollination of each vanilla flower to how Symrise creates products loved across the globe.

    From filming and photography to written copy, design and illustrations, everything was produced in-house. The website was built on the myInvestis Drupal MID platform, with attention to detail and fidelity to the organisation’s narrative. We took inspiration for the site’s colour palette from imagery of Madagascar, where Symrise sources most of its vanilla, and the vanilla beans themselves, while the elegant typography, hand-drawn illustrations and striking visuals are intended to evoke the magic of vanilla and its unique, emotive appeal.

    Videos, filmed and edited in-house, are used across the site to bring the expert knowledge and passion for vanilla that is so strong among Symrise’s people to the forefront. Explaining everything from sustainable practices to how vanilla is perfectly balanced in gourmet food products, users can hear first-hand what it is that makes Symrise’s competency in vanilla so special.

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    Paddy Power Betfair

    Paddy Power is an international multi-channel betting and gaming group with a distinct presence across Europe. Betfair is an innovative online betting and gaming company and one of the largest online operators in the UK. When the companies agreed to merge to create one of the world’s largest online gambling businesses, the companies needed a website to communicate critical merger information to the stakeholder groups of both businesses.

    M&A information is sensitive and time-critical, so the project had to be delivered within in a tight timeframe. The key objective of the website was to provide context and rationale behind the merger. The resultant site therefore focuses on establishing the case for the two brands, their histories, and the new corporate identity post-merger.

    Given the timing much of the branding for the new website was yet to be confirmed. We therefore created a site that balanced the existing brand colours, combined with imagery that emphasised the similarity of the sphere of operations for these two companies. The site also presents the business proposition and investment case well, elaborating on the market positions and context of each brand, including the B2C and B2B operations across the globe.

    The Paddy Power Betfair merger website highlights strategic priorities and in-depth merger information. Given the media and stakeholder interest in the announcement, the site has an in-depth Media section supplemented with press releases, blogs, contact information and an image library.

    By understanding the unique requirement of the client, and liaising well with two sets of stakeholders, we were able to deliver a website that fulfils the unique communication needs of a merger.

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    The St. James’s Place Foundation

    The St. James’s Place Foundation is the charitable arm of St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group, providing grants to UK registered charities.

    The challenge their website faced was clarity of message. Through the addition of content to the website over time, the site’s narrative structure had lost some of its focus, with some key information becoming buried. It was time to streamline the content, freshening up the appearance and re-emphasising the core message in the process.

    Working with St. James’s Place to analyse their website data and goals, we identified key pages on their site where it was felt that content revisions could help improve user engagement.  We then adopted a holistic approach to optimise the selected pages, focusing on the tone of messaging, content, use of images and multimedia where available.

    The outcome has been the simplification and improvement of the content on these pages. Through reworking content and navigation, the home page now clearly presents the Foundation’s key achievements along with its core purposes summarised in a simplified ‘call to action’ navigation. The dense text on the ‘About the Foundation’ section has been replaced with a more engaging video of the Chairman outlining the Foundation’s work, supported by case studies and text that clearly explains the Foundation’s goals.

    Through the content audit and strategic optimisation, the St. James’s Place Foundation has been able to better communicate its key messages and surface more of its compelling human stories while also improving the overall user experience of its site.

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    HgCapital Trust

    Crafting a winning design.

    HgCapital Trust is an investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The Trust’s investment objective is to provide shareholders with long-term capital appreciation in excess of the FTSE-All-Share Index by investing in unquoted companies. It invests across four sectors: TMT, Services, Industrials and Renewable Energy.

    Designed and developed by Investis, the Trust’s website uses an effortless navigation style combining simplicity and contemporary design. HgCapital Trust plc has a comprehensive ‘About’ and ‘Investment Portfolio’ section outlining strategy, proposition and a wealth of case studies. One of the challenges of a content-rich and information-oriented website is to keep the design engaging and fresh without overwhelming the users. From the choice of fonts, to the colours and images, and the principles of information hierarchy, to the content presentation using ample signposts, images and call to action boxes – the website aims to keep the interface easy on the eyes.

    Not surprisingly, it won the ‘Best Website’ (individual investment company) in AIC’s Shareholder Communication awards 2016. To quote AIC, “The judges were impressed with the excellent use of case studies, clarity of information and good portfolio information.  They felt the site was easy to navigate, engaging and modern.”

    HgCapital has enjoyed a beneficial working relationship with Investis, both when first designing the site and on an ongoing basis. Their advice and expertise helps to keep us on top of the latest developments while their excellent client service ensures that our sites are reliably maintained

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    Delivering a professional website with a global reach

    Osram, is a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a more than 100-year history. Based in Munich the company has a worldwide presence and around 33,000 employees globally, Osram wanted an international website that reflected the company’s ethos and presented their narrative well to a global audience.

    The challenge was not just the scope of the website, but also the tight timelines within which we had to accomplish the go live deadline. Our team delivered a phased solution wherein the first phase of the website delivered key sections such as Investor Relations, Our Company and Our Brands, with pages including Sustainability and Our Expertise delivered in the second phase.

    The bilingual website capitalises on Osram’s brand colours and features intuitive navigation with signposts and call-to-action boxes. The home page shares an image of stunning illumination in buildings, while the Investor Relations section is rich with stakeholder content, including a feed for German regulatory news.

    Social media has been integrated well into their website, with prominent social media buttons displayed on the side of the page, remaining fixed against scroll. An investor or user looking for more product details will find extensive information in the brand portfolio and Our Expertise sections. Interestingly, the website offers one of the most comprehensive sections on Sustainability, with more value in terms of strategic information, stakeholder dialogue and sustainability best- practice.

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    Next Plc

    Corporate website

    NEXT is a UK-based retailer offering exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality clothing, footwear, accessories and home products. The company wanted a new corporate website that looked good and that would sit in line with its existing retail website. Our challenge therefore was to deliver a stylish site that was also informative, providing clear and concise corporate information responding to the needs of all stakeholders.

    Laid out in a tiled structure, the website is enhanced by NEXT’s beautiful product imagery, instantly tying the corporate site to its retail operations. The latest company data is presented concisely and clearly, while carousels update users with details of the latest reports and regulatory news. There is a strong focus on the company’s ethical credentials with an in-depth Corporate Responsibility section providing key details on staff and products. The Media page is also designed to impress, and features high resolution photography of the company’s latest fashion campaigns, key contacts, store locations and links to all of NEXT’s social media channels.

    The site’s user journey has been focused on simplicity and user requirement. The site was created around the analytics of NEXT’s previous site, ensuring that the material of most interest to NEXT’s audience is presented in a dominant way. Meanwhile, one click usability makes finding specific information on section pages a simple process.

    Above all, the site conveys NEXT’s brand story and prestige. A succinct Business Overview backed up by key company figures, an interactive history timeline and, naturally, some of the company’s latest fashion campaigns all help deliver a complete business picture of this established fashion brand.

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    Octopus Healthcare

    Company website

    Octopus Healthcare are an investor and developer of healthcare properties who form partnerships with healthcare entrepreneurs throughout the UK. Arising from the acquisition of MedicX by Octopus Investments, Octopus Healthcare required the creation of a new brand identity and website.

    We were challenged with creating a site that would detail Octopus Healthcare’s proposition to a diverse group of stakeholders while attracting new leads and investment. To achieve these multiple aims, our designers created an easy-to-navigate site based from a single page layout with links out to subpages that cater to specific needs of their audience.

    The visitor journey begins with an attractive interactive animation that outline Octopus’ proposition. The scrolling site then focuses on the company’s three core focusses of investment, development and partnerships, supported by multimedia content including video and image carousels.

    Navigation buttons and drop down menus connected to the home page draw stakeholders to specific points of interest including a company outline, dedicated media centre and interactive map of the company’s portfolio of over 200 properties. At every step, the user finds relevant further links and contact points, ensuring that any new enquiry is catered for.

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    Company website

    SEGRO is a leading UK real estate investment trust (REIT). As the developer, owner and asset manager of a large portfolio of warehouse and industrial properties across Europe, SEGRO were keen to have a website that showcased the quality and depth of its properties and land holdings along with a more engaging illustration of its corporate narrative.

    We worked with SEGRO to create a website that meets the need of a company with such a wide variety of stakeholders – ranging from corporate to business customers.

    All the key content required of a best practice corporate website – for investor, media and CSR audiences – is provided and combined with enhanced features for highlighting and marketing their property portfolio.

    The focal point of the website is an interactive map that provides details of SEGRO’s properties and business parks/estates. Features of the map include advanced search, geolocation and contact forms, as well as a dynamic PDF generator that provides bespoke datasheets on SEGRO’s properties based on the user’s requirements.

    Attention has been paid to the user experience on the site which has assisted in delivering improving analytics metrics. Enhancements to the responsive elements of the site have also increased engagement from users with mobile devices. In general the site has received positive feedback from the client’s stakeholders.

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    ATL represents 170,000 education professionals across the UK. Following our work successfully monitoring social channels for their team, they asked us to take a more active role in their communications approach, specifically in creating a social media campaign to raise awareness of the many issues facing teachers.

    We worked with their small in-house team to help create the #abouttime campaign, focusing on the challenge of teachers’ workload. Our content and social media team created and published content to a strict schedule, tracking how the content was being interacted with, and then identifying related conversations and content for subsequent interactions and engagement – facilitated by daily reports and ensuring that all opportunities to increase reach and influence were taken.

    The campaign used Twitter and Facebook as the primary channels and generated very positive feedback from ATL’s audience. The metrics reflected highly professional campaign execution, with impressions, clicks, retweets, replies and new followers tracking in excess of targets. Campaign follow-up and detailed reporting helped demonstrated the ROI of the project, while feedback and advice allowed for ATL to continue with the themes of the campaign in their ongoing work.

    Discover more about our full range of content services

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    DVB Bank SE

    DVB Bank SE, a leading specialist in international transport finance, approached their company website project much like their mission statement, ”…striving to seek and develop intelligent and appropriate solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ needs and expectations..”.

    Investis worked with the DVB Bank team to create a multi-lingual responsive website design that provided a great user experience for all visitors. Full of interactive elements and video content, the website contains information focused on traditional stakeholder groups such as investors, the media, and of course customers, with a significant amount of content being included to support business development objectives.

    At the end of 2015, the website was awarded “Customer oriented webpages - Predicate Gold” by Die Welt, a German national newspaper. The website has perfectly met the requirements of DVB’s corporate communications team, and continues to attract a large number of visitors, with improving in-site performance metrics.

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    Catalana Occidente

    Communicating your message and your values

    In business for over 150 years, Catalana Occidente are a leading company in the Spanish insurance and global credit insurance industries. Over their history, they’ve trusted their growth to adaptation while keeping in touch with their core principles and values.

    Having previously worked with Occidente providing share price tools and an interactive annual report, we were set the challenge of designing a mobile responsive corporate website that would both engage stakeholders and celebrate the company’s history.

    Making use of parallax design and up-to-the-minute data feeds and tools, we worked with Occidente to ensure their new website communicated both the company’s values and relevant investor information in a visually elegant and intuitive way. An interactive history timeline presents Occidente’s proud heritage in an engaging and contemporary way while the News and Press sections have been designed for quick updating to ensure that all Occidente’s future stories and successes can be shared with ease.

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    GAME Digital Plc

    We understand ambition - and we'll help you express it

    GAME Digital is the leading specialist retailer of video games in the UK and Spain, and they came to us with ambitious plans - to build knowledge of their business fast as they prepared for their IPO, and to create a lasting web presence that reflected their dynamism and activity across multiple channels and would be their digital home for years to come.

    Like GAME Digital, we know that when your business is moving fast and aiming high, you need a digital presence that is doing the same. We helped them meet both aims: providing an express website to help them communicate with investors and other audiences immediately, while working with them to design and build a longer-term website that could create deeper connections with stakeholders through innovative design, multi-media content, and fully-embedded, interactive reporting.

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    Making data the hero of digital IR

    As the world leader in wind power, Iberdrola has a global investor audience. But how do you effectively keep 600,000 shareholders up to date on key financial data and KPIs?

    The solution we provided for Iberdrola was to provide them with a suite of market leading online IR tools and bespoke app. The online tools include a sharemonitor with ADR data, a share price calculator and a dividend calculator that help stakeholders to more accurately keep track of their investments. Iberdrola’s multilingual app presents these features in an on-the-go package for iPad, iPhone and Android, with added functionality provided through an interactive KPI charting feature.

    Winning the ‘Best use of digital’ award at IR Magazine’s 2015 awards, the app has so far been downloaded over 6,000 times, with Iberdrola’s Head of IR, Ignacio Cuenca, describing the app as “a way to connect better with our shareholders”.

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    Take down the barriers between you and your audiences

    Giving stakeholders an engaging gateway into your reporting can help them understand your business better - and help you understand them.

    RBS came to us looking for ways to increase audiences' engagement with their annual report, an important communications element in their plan to transform RBS into the number one UK bank for trust, customer service and advocacy.

    We created an updatable framework for RBS featuring the narrative content of the annual report and the key figures that support it and acting as a portal to the full PDF report.

    More flexible and interactive than a PDF, the portal gives RBS valuable information about what viewers are looking for, and enables them to make their reporting framework responsive and time-sensitive - keeping people engaged year-round. The pages are among the most viewed on their site, and receive significantly more views than the pdf.

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    XL Catlin

    Bringing people together

    When you want to keep a sense of shared connection and culture in a business that is global in scope, you need to find ways to bring people together. We helped global underwriter and reinsurer XL Catlin strengthen their sense of group identity and enhance their ability to communicate through our in-house and fully-managed webcasting service.

    We deliver well-managed events which can be live-streamed for global audiences wherever they're needed, and available on demand, keeping everyone in the loop. And because we can manage everything - we've developed our own in-house player, an experienced webcasting team, and the technical expertise to ensure a fully-integrated set of links - we gave XL Catlin the freedom to make the most of webcasting's potential to keep their leadership team accessible and their corporate culture in good health.

    Our business has a strong culture with people at its heart - and to keep it strong, we like to make connecting as easy as possible. Investis offer a one-stop-shop for excellent webcasting services - their team took on everything, leaving us free to connect.

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    Do your story justice through compelling design

    When you are recognised worldwide for providing the highest quality operations in the most challenging sectors of offshore drilling, you have a compelling corporate story to tell.

    To make sure they were telling that story online, Seadrill asked us to help them rationalise their digital estate, creating a highly responsive new website that made best use of the company's excellent imagery and gave their audiences the best possible insight into their business.

    Their new website, hosted securely by us, embeds multimedia content including a bespoke 'Our Fleet' tool that enables viewers to explore the Seadrill fleet, filtered by location, water depth and availability.

    Investis have been a real pleasure to work with and we are delighted with our new website. Our old website was clunky, hard to navigate and did not tell our story effectively. Our new website tells a complex story in a simple way and makes use of our fantastic imagery.

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    Authentic. Compelling. Compressed. Animated video adds impact to your reporting.

    We worked with the world's leading steel and mining business to create "The Bigger Picture", an animated video which takes just 70 seconds to give a personal introduction to ArcelorMittal's comprehensive new approach to sustainability reporting.

    ArcelorMittal wanted a way for busy stakeholders to understand and become engaged by their vision for a new CSR approach based on outcomes. "The Bigger Picture" provides a focal point for visitors, placing the new approach in context and highlighting its most compelling and material themes.

    Working closely with ArcelorMittal's sustainability team, we combined strategic input with the technical expertise of our in-house team to produce an animated video that drew on the illustrated themes we'd developed to support the overall report.

    ArcelorMittal had the benefit of working with one team on the report, the graphic landscape chosen to bring it to life, and the video which opened the door onto that landscape.

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    National Grid

    Connecting to key audiences on all devices, on- or offline.

    National Grid connects millions of people in the UK and US safely, reliably and efficiently to the energy they use. They asked us to help them enhance their connection to an even wider audience - by reaching key stakeholders with all the information they need about the business, wherever they are, and whatever mobile device they're using.

    We created INFOCUS, the National Grid's investor and media app, which enables them to provide summaries and links to all their latest information through a single dashboard. INFOCUS helps investors, journalists and other essential audiences access data on iOS or Android, online or offline. And because the dashboard can be easily tailored, it is highly responsive - enabling National Grid to create a specific dashboard for selected key events, such as results announcements or conferences. 

    We are really pleased with our new IR and Media app. It has allowed us to join everything up for two of our audiences. The app is a great tool for journalists and investors, allowing them to see all of our communications in one space especially around large corporate announcements.

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    Hibernia REIT plc

    Mapping the way to the heart of your audience

    Sometimes the best way to tell your audience who you are is to show them.

    Hibernia aims to deliver class-leading shareholder returns through investment in the Irish property market, and has made major investments in income-producing properties in the greater Dublin area. They wanted to showcase the scale, breadth and quality of their investment, while making it as easy as possible for their audiences to look at individual properties.

    We created an interactive map which takes investors and other stakeholders straight to the heart of the Hibernia portfolio. Fully responsive on all devices so that audiences can check it wherever they are, the map's content is dynamically fed - which means that it automatically updates whenever new data on Hibernia's property becomes available.

    And because the map feeds back to our audience intelligence service, Hibernia can learn more about what its audience is looking at, and who they are - enabling them to create even stronger connections with stakeholders.

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    BAE Systems

    Capability and service you can trust

    If you're a global defence, aerospace and security company employing more than 80,000 people worldwide, you need to know that the investor relations section of your website is in safe hands.

    We work with BAE Systems to ensure that their IR section is not just seamlessly integrated into the rest of their corporate website, but also managed, safeguarded and supported 24 hours a day. We also ensure their IR communications are as engaging as possible to investors and other stakeholders, including through the IR app.

    We have a very good working relationship with the team at Investis - they always respond quickly with our website and app requirements and can be trusted to deliver on time and within budget

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    Everything you need to know. Wherever you are. Whatever you're using.

    ArcelorMittal are committed to 'transforming tomorrow' - and they asked us to help them make it as easy as possible for their key stakeholders to be part of their journey. Together we created their Investor Relations App, which brings together all the corporate and investor news in a single, easily understood dashboard.

    All our apps offer multi-device support across iOS and Android and for different sized mobile devices such as phones and tablets like iPads. They also offer great flexibility which means ArcelorMittal can provide audiences with contextual content for key investor and other stakeholder events by tailoring the app dashboard to include core and current information as it is needed. And because we manage ArcelorMittal's corporate website, we can ensure that the app is updated with managed, safeguarded content - reaching the right people with the right information, all the time.

    The App was downloaded more than 400 times in the first two weeks since launch and we have been delighted with both the quality of the App and the feedback we have received from internal and external stakeholders.

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    Anglo American

    Your story is unique. We'll help you tell it.

    Anglo American is a business dedicated to creating value, providing the raw materials that are essential for economic development and modern life through their diverse mining operations.

    Their story is a compelling one - and they asked us to help redesign and build their web estate to make sure that it was being told in ways that reflected their identity.

    Together, we developed an approach that rationalised their estate, ensuring that the Anglo American brand was reflected in every page, while using every possible medium to tell their story: video, case studies, full-bleed images, integrated social media, interactive graphics, and the option to comment on most pages. Because Anglo American wanted the site to be as easy to use as possible for busy visitors, the navigation and menu drop-downs are direct, engaging and intuitive.

    We think the result is a website that tells a unique story - distinctively.

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    Anglo American

    Get straight to the point

    As a diversified mining company, Anglo American has operations and businesses all over the world. They wanted to underline their global breadth to stakeholders, and to make it as easy as possible for audiences to understand the diversity of their business - so they asked us to provide an interactive map as part of their website redesign.

    Anglo American's Where we operate map is designed to be intuitive and efficient, in keeping with a website built to make the user journey as fast and effective as it can be. The map gives visitors a broad oversight of the company's operations, offers a filter function that lets them narrow down their search by location type and product, and allows them to click through for more information on each site. With all operations at a glance, or a specific operation in detail - the map helps Anglo American's stakeholders get straight to what matters to them.

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    The more you listen, the more you learn

    Education professionals understand better than anyone the importance of listening. That's why ATL, the union representing 170,000 education professionals across the UK, asked us to help them engage their audiences more closely through our social media monitoring service.

    ATL wanted to understand how people were responding to them and to their policies, and to engage in and generate conversations about themselves and the future of education more widely.

    Unlike monitoring software, our service always has people at its heart, checking for sense and nuance in ways that computers can't - so we give a human response to human conversations. And while our service sends digests regularly so that ATL can stay in touch with its audience year-round, we can provide hourly input when the conversation is at its most dynamic - for example, during conferences or events.

    Investis makes our lives easier by giving us the confidence to focus our limited resources where and when we need, to take the conversation in the direction we want.

    Duncan Robertson, Digital Officer, ATL

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    Matomy Media Group

    Do investor relations pages have to be boring? Not unless you are.

    Matomy Media Group is a leading digital performance-based advertising company.

    They operate in one of the most exciting and fastest-growing markets in the world, and they want to reach all their audiences in ways that reflect their dynamic and outward-looking personality. A key audience is investors - and Matomy are showing that you can give investors and analysts all the essential information they need while still communicating the energy and drive behind your business.

    Together, we created Matomy's investor site, bringing together the data tools, financial news and key documents that tell investors where Matomy is going - in a way that shows them how they're getting there.

    We wanted an investor relations site that really reflected our personality as a business and helped us tell the unique story of our business. We came to Investis because of their expertise and track record - and came away delighted with their creativity and willingness to understand the energy behind our business.

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    Bringing a new vision of sustainability reporting to life

    The world's leading steel and mining company came to us with a vision: a new way of reporting which focuses on the key sustainability outcomes that will create value for others and themselves.

    We helped them bring that vision to life for their stakeholders, drawing visitors to their online report into an engagement with ArcelorMittal's world and the contribution they're making to the future.

    We provided strategic and technical reporting guidance and created a completely new visual identity for their sustainability programme with a flexible, illustrated reporting design which has applications across all their channels, and used the PDF design and a Teaser document to encourage stakeholders online. We also created an animated video narrated by the CR Team Manager which introduces the new reporting approach and why it has been implemented. A web first approach to copy, interactive charting and video content has attracted 30% more traffic than in previous years - and you can see why here.

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